Regenerative Business (Un)Learning Hub


A collection of resources, recommendations and exercises exploring the Regenerative Lens. Gathered and sourced from the world of Regenerators. Curated by Regenerative Transition Facilitator Minou Schillings

Over the last couple of years she carefully documented her (Un)Learning journey. This is the overview that she would have liked to exist when she started her journey. It makes the exploration of Regenerative accessible, understandable and actionable and most importantly, exciting!


👉 Intro, Intro To-Go, Curated Self Study

👉 7 Curated Regenerative Future's (Un)learning journey's

  • Pragmatic & Analytical
  • Book Lovers
  • Art & Creativity
  • Natural Intelligence
  • Food & Health
  • Visual & Audio
  • Body & Mind

👉 Exploring the Regenerative Lens with Thought Explorers, Communities & Businesses

  • Regenerators to (Un)learn from
  • Communities & businesses to (un)learn from

The Regenerative Business (Un)Learning hub is in constant development. As Minou's journey towards Regenerative Futures continues this Hub will expand and evolve.

What to expect? 155+ (and counting) Recommendations & Resources.

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155+ Regenerative Futures Recommendations, Resources, Exercises, Music, Podcasts and more.

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Regenerative Business (Un)Learning Hub

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